What Is An Online Marketing Agency?
An online marketing agency is a company that uses data and advertising techniques to share targeted brand promotion across the internet.  Essentially, we use online tools, social media, podcasts and many other forms of media to promote your business, engage and retain customers and increase your overall visibility.
So It’s A Marketing Agency?
Yes and No.  A marketing agency usually deals with all mediums of advertising such as television, radio, print and online but many lack the capabilities and knowledge to successfully market on the internet.  An online marketing agency deals with all aspects of the web and how to create, optimize and promote throughout it’s many channels and applications.
What Can An Online Marketing Agency Do For My Business?
An online marketing agency can improve your company’s efficiency, productivity and reach your objectives.  They evaluate what your brand needs and create a powerful, complex and highly proficient plan to increase your profits.  Using data metrics, targeted research and pattern analytics, an online marketing agency can pinpoint your ideal buyer beyond any statistics you could render.  They almost know the buyer better than they know themselves.  At this starting point, an online marketing agency can then customize, optimize and align the perfect series of tactics to connect, engage and retain your customers.
Then, as you can guess from the name alone, they develop and seed your brand online.  Building an initial hub, they position your company as a leader in your specific industry which not only builds loyal customers and converts potential customers but increases your search rankings and creates a positive brand image in the public eye.  With a focus on ROI, your company message is never lost and only solidified throughout the specific channels found to be the most efficient for your marketing plan.
An online marketing agency does not simply splash you across the internet and hope for the best.  All of the data specs and consumer research are used to pinpoint the most accurate and efficient channels to be explored in your company’s marketing plan.  Everything an online marketing agency does is backed by solid data to deliver the most customized, accurate and efficient strategies possible.
Is It Set It And Forget It?
Never.  Marketing is constantly changing and as the world evolves, technology soars and trends fade, you have to stay one step ahead of the curve.  An online marketing agency consistently tests and reworks their plan and strategies to continue to propel your ROI and solidify the future sales growth of your company.
How Are We Different?
Aside from the years of experience and complex training we have in both traditional and digital marketing, we have fine-tuned the process and brought everything under one roof.  Instead of individually piecing together a team and hoping you cover it all, we have all of the managers, designers, copywriters and developers to make it all work.  What sets us apart from others is that we don’t simply focus on digital marketing.  We care about your company and your customers.
Our professionals learn every aspect of your business as if it were ours.  By fully grasping your industry, your company and your vision, we are able to put more passion and authenticity into all of our work while helping you achieve your ultimate goals.  We also focus on building lasting and fruitful relationships with your customers.  They aren’t just sales figures or statistics.  They are John, a single father of two who attends night school and dreams of opening up his own florist shop, and Karen, who loves taking her Shelties hiking and just saved up enough money to finally go to Cancun.
Your customers are the heart of your business and we want to make sure that heart stays healthy.

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