While we touched on the importance of flash mobs and how to start one, the takeaway is that it is one of the most effective forms of marketing on the planet today.  In a world full of fast and flash mentality, you have to practically knock folks over the head in order to stand out from the monotony of ads circling their faces everyday.  Even worse than that, some people are phone zombies who scroll aimlessly through pictures of a stranger’s dinner or which celebrity is dating who and need a jolt of marketing brilliance to pry their eyes away from those screens.  Conventional marketing still works on one level or another but overall, you have to stand up and be different, wonky or incredibly odd.

And so we come back to one of the world’s favorite oddities – the flash mob.  While not a new concept, people are enamored with them.  The more creative and zany you can get, the better.  Even more exciting than the event occurring around them is the buzz that takes place shortly after.  Folks will watch flash mob videos because they are curious – curious as to how original, entertaining or nuts the mob could get.

So while you can do all the prep in the world, find amazing volunteers to flood your mob or have a genius strategy in place for sharing it across the web, the most important thing to focus on is WHAT your mob will do.  Singing, dancing, Shakespeare – what exactly is your flash mob going to do to stand out from everyone else and grab eyeballs?  Take a look at the examples below for inspiration on creative flash mob content.


Talk about original!  Straying away from the typical singing and dancing, this not only engages a single person but attracts the attention of all those around them.  If this were in a more populated area with a brand message clearly visible, this could be an amazing interactive option for a flash mob.  You don’t have to copy this exactly but think of where you could springboard from this idea alone?


This works because it takes something that a mass quantity of people around the globe love or can identify and works it into the idea of a flash mob.  This is completely odd and stunning at the same time because of the sheer volume of participants.  If there was a company banner held up in the middle of the giant lightsaber pile, you’d have a heck of a way to advertise.  Hopefully this gets you thinking about other ways to incorporate a popular cult phenomenon into your mob activity.


The traditional methods of singing and dancing for a flash mob are still highly entertaining but try to find a way to make a slight tweak to the formula or put a fresh spin on it.  This is impressive because of the amount of people participating.  It’s staggering!  They had nearly 14,000 individuals in unison out in public.  While many flash mobs have danced to Thriller, there has never been a quantity of volunteers this enormous to do so.  That alone attracts the eyeballs.


Of course I saved the best for last.  This is such an outstanding, if not in the top 5 of all time, flash mobs.  It started with a stunt, led to a precision dance routine, flipped into a unique way to display the company message and ended with the company mascot doing a little jig of happiness.  It not only illustrated the company being advertised in several key ways so folks will remember who did it, it took a fresh spin on traditional dancing and freeze flash mobs.  The idea is to be as unique and entertaining as possible.  You want them to talk about you long after your mob has ended.

Hopefully this got your creative juices flowing!  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or view it from another angle.  If you can’t come up with anything new, don’t sweat it.  The traditional singing and dancing flash mobs still draw attention wherever you go.  Have fun and start a mob!


If you find yourself a little short on the time needed to launch a full scale marketing plan or feel like you might be missing something, give us a call and find out how we can help.


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