“Content marketing is really like a first date.  If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.” – David Beebe
When you produce content, it should be a genuine work that gives information, answers questions or solves problems.  The point to each piece of content should be solving a problem for your consumer or somehow, someway making their lives a little easier.  If your focus behind making content is simply to snare more consumers, you will achieve the opposite of what you intend.
It’s similar to that movie “All About Eve” starring the late, great Bette Davis.  When everyone found out Eve had ulterior motives and was playing on everyone’s emotions just to get ahead, she was left utterly alone with her fledgling success and began to crumble.  If you produce content simply to boost your sales or increase your followers, consumers will smell it from a mile away and abandon you.  Any content that comes from you or your company must be genuine and provide actual information or relevance for your audience.  Increased sales and more followers is just a happy, natural byproduct from providing quality content that focuses on the needs of others and not your own.
Consistent sales pitches or tailoring content to simply show how amazing your product is and that everyone should run to the store and buy it becomes annoying.  If consumers want incessant sales pitches, then they will simply stay up late and watch infomercials.  Customers want value; they want your company to provide them with information that can help solve a problem or help them save time and money.  By supplying them with plenty of that type of content, they will start to see you as a thought leader in your industry and will continue to follow you.  This eventually leads to more sales and building brand loyalty.
Content marketing takes a whole lot of patience and selflessness.  You have to be ready to give up the goods before you collect their dimes, so to speak.  It won’t happen overnight because they need to see a consistency in your behavior in order to begin to form a loyal bond with your brand.  Content that exists only to boost your ego only serves your ego.

Focus on the consumer and not yourself.  You will reap the rewards by not looking for them.

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