Over 71% of businesses in the United States use Instagram for marketing.  With over 1 billion active monthly users we can expect that number to grow exponentially.  Some say that the glory days of marketing on Insta are swiftly coming to an end but until that point, there is a sweet spot in limbo right now that your company should be taking advantage of.

We already discussed why Instagram is important and how you can increase engagement on this hot social media platform but do you have the tools to make your content spring from the page and harness the attention and curiosity of your users?

Keeping in mind that Instagram is a platform for unique visual content and storytelling and NOT a space for mindless ads or infomercial propaganda, what you create is just as important as the message you share.  Listed below are 10 tools to help propel your content and weave amazing visual tapestries for the Instagram community.  The only limit is your imagination.

10 Instagram Tools To Fine-Tune Your Content And Posts
  • GIPHY Cam – GIFs are AMAZING options for increasing engagement so you should definitely consider exploring this content space.  This app helps you create your own unique GIFs.  Simply record content on the app, add desired effects and share to Instagram.  Easy Peasy!
  • Perfect Video – This is a fantastic app for anyone who doesn’t possess a film degree or expensive editing software.  Trim, Clip, Add Subtitles, Transitions, Watermarks, Music, Slideshows and more faster than you can blink an eye!  When you are finished, simply upload to Instagram.  For those using GoPro videos, try using Quik for amazing edits.  From the makers of GoPro, you can upload from your phone or import from your GoPro to Instagram and utilize amazing features such as auto-detect, music and smart cuts.
  • All Hashtag – Hashtags help your post reach a wider audience but sometimes it’s hard to know which are the right ones to use.  With this tool you can generate hashtags simply by typing in key words relating to your campaign and get suggestions from top trending tags.  It also helps analyze the ranking factors of hashtags and how likely you will see engagement by using them.  Hashtagify works very similar to this as well.  If you simply can’t think of a hashtag at all, try AutoHash.  AutoHash scans your image and automatically generates a hashtag based on content.  It can also produce hashtags based on your location and posts directly to Instagram.
  • Ask Lisa – This tool is perfect for helping you decide which pictures are best to share on Instagram.  Using AI photo recognition software,  it will compare between two to five photos and help you determine which photo will perform the best on Insta.  This clever app also helps you generate hashtags corresponding to selected images.
  • Storeo – One of the best features of Instagram is the Story option.  Much like SnapChat, you are able to share video and pics with your audience that eventually disappear.  The only problem is that Instagram only has an option for recording 15 seconds of video at a time.  The Storeo app records videos for as long as you would like without you ever having to hold down the record button.

There are a ton of tools and apps available to customize your Instagram experience so don’t be afraid to try as many out as you would like.  You might discover that some are better for your campaign than others.  Most are available on both Apple and Android stores but there are online tools as well.  Go Be Creative!

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