One of the best things you can do for your company, your marketing and the world at large is to associate your brand with good.  What do we mean by this?

Now is the time for brand building.  The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent quarantine has changed the way we do things – the way we shop, the way we stay entertained and the way we take in news.  While many businesses had to shutter physical stores, shifting their game plan to digital marketing has saved the day.  With the world struggling to adapt and survive, it isn’t about pushing products or about cheesy sales pitches.  It’s about giving back.

Providing information, tips or even just plain amusement is what will solidify your brand in the consumer’s eyes.  Being there for the world, no matter how you give back, is more critical than ever and will shape the future for many businesses. Keep this in mind…

People will remember a brand for the acts of good they performed during times of crisis.

Providing free medical equipment to first responders and healthcare workers, paying for employees to stay home, providing your service for free or even shifting what you create to make more essential goods during the pandemic – these are all acts that will be remembered.  These will stick with the consumer and, long after the pandemic is over, will associate feelings of warmth and caring with your brand.  This loyalty, these feelings, will create lifelong customers and positive public perception of your company.

Whatever you decide to do to help, make sure it comes from the heart.  Do it because you genuinely want to help your customers and the world.  If it comes from a place of what you’re going to get or how it will benefit you, you’ll find it backfire on you spectacularly.

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