Large retailers and businesses have no trouble marketing on a nationwide level because they are already established, have massive advertising budgets and have brick and mortar or other convenient accessibility on a larger scale.  But what do you do if you are a new business starting out or a smaller based operation?

You focus on local marketing!

The best way to establish loyal customers and get products in the hands of customers fast for reviews is to focus on marketing in your local neighborhoods and community.  Here are a few pro tips on areas to zero in on when putting together a local marketing platform…

  • Participate in Community Events – Network in community events not relating to your industry.  This is a great way to expand your reach and engage with individuals or businesses that may not normally think to look for companies such as yourself.  Events such as 5K runs/walks, charity events or community garage sales/craft shows offer you an opportunity to converse with many different people in a way that is more friendly and less like a sales pitch.
  • Connect – Reach out to local businesses that might possibly recommend your services.  For instance, a towing company might recommend your insurance agency to clients in their brochures or on their website.  This only happens by forming a relationship with local entities.  Engage with and help them and they will scratch your back when the time comes.  Always think about how you can help THEM and not how they can help you.  This makes it more enticing for someone to work with you and, eventually, they will return the favor.
  • Local Sites and Social Media Groups – Join in on community groups on Facebook or other social media and interact with potential consumers.  Offer advice, answer questions or post interesting content.  Don’t come off as a sales pitch, instead try to help people on these groups and provide answers.  There are also local directories where you can post your business and village/city websites sometimes have areas available for business listings or product posting.
  • Host And/Or Attend Networking Events – Usually there are Happy Hour Networking Events or Networking Mixers for business owners to connect.  You have the ability to get out in front of many diverse businesses and industries.  You can even partner up with the event coordinator and host your own event at your work, business or a restaurant space.  The relaxed setting allows for conversation to flow more naturally.
  • Customer Reviews – Whenever you sell a product or service, encourage clients to share their experiences on social media, popular review sites or on your own website.  You can even offer them a small incentive for completing reviews such as a coupon or entry into a contest where you have the ability to win a prize.  Word of mouth is the BEST form of free advertising there is and you should focus a part of your strategy on getting your clientele to leave their opinions.
By becoming more visible in your local community and taking the time to connect with neighbors and other small businesses, you can create a grassroots movement that can catapult your reach and increase your sales.  Sign up for local community newsletters or follow the regional papers and town websites to find out about more community events or networking possibilities.  Even town libraries host events that might fit into your local marketing plan.  You are surrounded by endless opportunity right outside your own front door.


If you find yourself a little short on the time needed to launch a full scale marketing plan or feel like you might be missing something, give us a call and find out how we can help.


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