What Is Local Marketing?
Local marketing specifically targets a certain community or neighborhood.  It is also referred to as local store marketing or even neighborhood marketing.  Essentially, advertising and promotional materials are geared towards a city or part of a city rather than state-wide, national or international.  Local marketing is not strictly online activities but any form of advertising your business takes to reach the market around your business.  In-store events, local newspaper ads, mailers or even local sports team sponsorship are all considered local marketing.
Why Does Your Company Need Local Marketing?
Usually small businesses with one or two outlets employ local marketing to attract neighborhood business.  Another type of business that would benefit from this are franchises.  These restaurants or stores might be part of bigger marketing for the recognized brand but need the business of the very community they are in.  For example, McDonald’s.  While overall the brand is recognized and heavily marketed, the McDonald’s down the street from you needs to utilize several local marketing tactics to gain the business of you and your neighbors.  You might receive coupons from them in the mail or notice that they have a booth at the town fair.
What Can Local Marketing Include?
Local marketing constitutes everything your business does to reach your target community.  Whether it is pounding the pavement and face-to-face interactions or emarketing and local seo services, if you are targeting a specific area, it all counts as local marketing.  Many companies understand that to reach their neighborhood they should participate in Chamber of Commerce events, sports team sponsorship, community fairs or social gatherings but not everyone in your town will attend these events or pay attention to this news.  Putting ads in the local paper or at bus stops and park benches might raise adequate attention but you are still relying on folks interacting with them.
To truly encompass the entire community and have the best shot at reaching a wider majority, you need to also incorporate internet advertising.  Think of your business as having two sides.  Your brick and mortar store has visibility in the community and a reputation to uphold but so does your online presence.  How your company is perceived online is critical to your overall marketing strategy.  Only focusing on one will severely reduce the impact of your marketing and not make the most of your money.  Local marketing is about connecting with your neighbors but you want to invest your advertising budget wisely so you not only develop those vital relationships but simultaneously increase exposure.
Hire an online marketing agency and have them create a local marketing plan for your target area.  Not only are they trained and experienced in local SEO services and online advertising, they know the most effective face-to-face interactions and opportunities that benefit your specific industry.  Effective local marketing is all about utilizing, customizing and implementing multiple channels with a focus on communications and high-level relationship management. This is EXACTLY what your online advertising agency was BORN TO DO.
Do I Really Need To Focus On Online Marketing?
The world is picking up speed with each passing day.  Technology is getting more advanced and the online world has become the key source for information.  It has replaced the encyclopedia, the phone book, the local paper and most traditional marketing methods.  If you want to stay afloat, you absolutely MUST gain access to this channel.  While face-to-face community interactions are fantastic in connecting with and reaching out to the community, not everyone goes to these events or receives information through traditional means.  A large portion of the world at large relies on the internet for news and basic information.  In order to reach the other half of your community, you have to go directly to them.
How Are We Different?
There are hundreds of ways to implement your local marketing strategy online.  Some of them include weekly, even daily, maintenance, fine-tuning, coding and content creation.  There are definitely ways in which to go about it successfully and you just don’t have time for mistakes.  We offer a staff fully experienced in all areas of local marketing – from emarketing online to what organizations you should be collaborating with in your neighborhood and everything in between. With lauded authors, content creators, visual artists, digital marketers, communications and management professionals and old-school techies, there isn’t an area we can’t cover.  Our priority is putting your company vision and your clients first.  We connect, build and nurture relationships with your customers while keeping your goals and message loud and clear.  Isn’t it time to see the difference?

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