“Sometimes later becomes never.  Do it now.”  

There are two huge motivators for procrastination in business.

First off is fear.  Fear of failure, fear of success – just plain scared.  When you have a business, no matter small or large – it takes consistent maintenance, strategy and patience to water the seeds of success and stay there.  Some folks are working hard to make the business successful and feel like they’re spinning their wheels.  Some think that once success is reached, the work is done.  Both are a troublesome headspace to find yourself in.  There may be a fear of not having what it takes to make it work – whether it’s personal, structure or other – and that can lead to frustration and retreat.  Those that take their hands off and assume they need not do anymore are blinded by a complacency that is likely rooted from a fear of seeing the truth or having to start over.

The second is perfection.  Many folks are scared to take the leap – launch the product, snag the investor, change the foundations – because they aren’t sure if everything is precisely where it needs to be to ensure success.  Surprise!  Nothing will EVER be perfect in life.  That’s kind of the point.  You can get pretty darn close but waiting for all of the planets to align in a precise pattern will only drag out when you get going.  By then, it’s usually too late because someone else jumped in and beat you to it.

While there are certainly other factors that influence this besides the ones mentioned, the point is the same.  Don’t hesitate.  Don’t wait.  Don’t say you’ll get to it tomorrow.  Pushing it off will only lead to missed opportunities or unnecessary stress.  Many innovators launch and work the bugs out as they go.  Some out of fear of being beat to the market by competition, others because they understand the value of hands on testing by consumers in order to fix and strengthen a product.  Use your best judgement but don’t let opportunity pass you by because everything might be perfect tomorrow or the next, or the next, or the next…

Waiting for the perfect opportunity to launch your product or tackle business goals might be too late.

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