You already understand the importance of local marketing, websites and local SEO services for your business but to truly be successful and look forward to a healthy fiscal future, you need to implement every tool at your disposal.  There is one extremely resourceful tool that you might be overlooking and it is literally right next to you.  If you haven’t already guessed, it’s your employees.

Employees are fantastic marketers for your business.  They engage with your customers on a face-to-face basis and represent you for a large majority of the day.  Not only can they promote you during business hours but they might be so excited about the job and what you offer that they talk the company up in their off time to anyone who will listen.  There are a few things to keep in mind if you would like to have your employees become little marketing boosters.

Are They Happy?
This is the most important aspect.  You can’t expect employees to gush about your business if they are miserable while they are there.  Foster an encouraging and creative environment that supports their individual growth and success.  Implement a small rewards system for doing great work or going above and beyond.  Many companies do this in the form of “Employee of the Week” but maybe you could have a small prize each week for commendable work, the most program signups or most sales.  Perhaps you could have a ping pong table in the break room or institute “Fun Fridays” where everyone follows a theme.  Most of all, employees love to be HEARD.  Taking the time to address their concerns and implement new strategies could make all the difference.
Now that your employees are happy, train them.  If you want them to promote your business, they should be fully educated on your products, goals and progression.  How can they market you if they don’t know what your business is about?  You can host a training class, have a speaker work with them or have them complete an online training.  Some companies offer incentives for taking on extra roles and others offer the chance for trained employees to attend seminars, events or represent them at local fairs for a higher pay.  What you do is largely based on what you are trying to accomplish and what fits in with your company.
Sales Programs
A very popular way to both train and have regular employees take on a sales role is to offer incentives for sales achieved.  It doesn’t always have to be monetary.  You can offer:

Discounts on Merchandise

Parties for Exceeding Sales Goals

Personal Days

Tickets to Events

Free Food

Extra Days Off

This is by no means a complete list of what you can offer to encourage front-of-the-store employees to try their hand at closing sales with customers.  By learning these skills and more about your company, in trying to earn the incentive, they will naturally be marketing your business.  These employees are also fantastic to send out to charity events, fairs or community events.

No matter what business you have or if you deal with the public or private sector, your employees can still achieve great feats for both themselves and your company if they are respected, encouraged and supported.  You have a mini-team of loyal marketers right by your side so utilize them.  Of course, this should be one channel of many that you implement in your overall marketing strategy and NOT the only one you employ.  Only by having many channels feeding off of each other can you maximize your local marketing strategies and grow your company exponentially.
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