No joke.  Customers today are very familiar with content that is agenda driven.  Sales type content is likely to get zero response from a customer base.

The only way to connect with your audience is by building better strategies for authentic relationships.  This means that you focus on a genuine connection with your consumer and not a connection only targeted to pulling a sale from them.  Make it a priority of your company to create genuine, original bonds with your customers.  The way a consumer feels about you and whether they will shop with you hinges on it greatly.

A great way to connect via content is by creating live opportunities.  Host a podcast, stream live social media videos – the point is to position yourself in a place where you can be real, unscripted.  You will make mistakes.  You may botch your message or have technical difficulties.  That’s fabulous.  Your consumer isn’t looking for a picture perfect robot who never screws up and always follows the same tired script.  They want to know you can relate to them, that you understand them.  They need to see your business as human and guess what?  Humans make mistakes.  Plenty of them.

So, go with the mistakes.  Ride them out.  Embrace them.  Apologize and move on.  Your audience will appreciate your sincerity and how real you are keeping things.  This will only enhance a more positive image of your business in the long run.

Here are several emotions that you should easily convey in your audience interactions, business and customer service programs:

Empathy – Listen to what the consumer says, show compassion and help when you can.  Ask questions and focus on them and a solution.

Positivity – Use a friendly tone at all times and positive language.  Supply options and suggestions.  Never say “but”, “unfortunately”, “we can’t see how…”, “we must ask you to…” – these are all negative phrases that can make a situation worse.  Stay friendly throughout a conversation – if you smile on the phone or even during an online chat, it can show in your voice and what you type.

Patience – The key element.  Always have patience, even when confronted by angry, dissatisfied customers, frustrating situations and customers who take up all of your time.  Staying calm, cool and collected is an absolute must.  Not only does your behavior effect your company image but it can help calm an irate customer and keep you from crossing a line you never should.  The consumer isn’t frustrated with you, just the situation, so try and find a way to offer help or a solution.

Stay real with your customers and they will respond better to your marketing and offers.  It will also keep increasing the positive image of your company to the world.  Building solid, real relationships with your clients is far more important than selling a unit of your product and has far-reaching and ever-lasting actions on the success of your business.

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