“There Is Only One Boss. The Customer. And He Can Fire Everybody In The Company From The Chairman On Down, Simply By Spending His Money Somewhere Else.”  – Sam Walton

Consumers vote with their dollars.

This means that if they don’t like what you’re company is doing, what you believe in or what you tolerate, they will simply shop with your competitor.  Money is scarce for some and they choose where to spend it carefully.  Most people want to feel comfortable where they spend their money.  If an organization supports ideas that are opposed to what a consumer believes, they will abandon the company altogether.

It isn’t simply if a company is against their viewpoints or takes action that casts a negative pallor, it is also about how they treat their customers.  If you don’t have a great customer service model in place, the average consumer knows they have choices and will look elsewhere.  Focus a significant part of your building, strategies and training on customer care.  Make it easy for consumers to reach you with issues or if they need troubleshooting.  Have easy solutions in place that don’t put the customer out in time or money.  Everything should be easy to understand and reps easily accessible.  Make sure your customer reps are compassionate, patient and willing to go further to rectify a problem than what is simply written into a script.

If customers feel taken care of or feel that you are listening to their problems and trying hard to solve them, they will continue to think positively of your brand and even continue to use you despite bad experiences.  It’s all about how easy you make your contact process and how thorough you look into their issue.  Canned responses can leave a consumer feeling left out in the cold and more willingly to see what the competition has to offer.

Even if you are a big dog in your industry, you can still be knocked down a few pegs by angry consumers.  It doesn’t matter how much revenue you pull annually or how well-known your brand is, treat your customers right and they will take care of you.  Long-term.

Remember, people may not remember what you say but they remember how you made them feel.

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