If you don’t help others, it doesn’t matter what or how you market.  It’s useless.

The only good marketing in today’s world is the kind that goes out of its way to be of use to consumers.  Hard sells, cold sells – they are all dinosaurs in a world where technology has changed the game of shopping.  The consumer calls the shots more than they ever have and they dictate how they want to be approached, with what and why.

One thing that has made itself crystal clear is that your target consumers want information.  They crave it.  Useful tidbits to help them use your product better or save time and money in their lives.  Decent coupons that help them save some dough while trying your product or service.  These are things that are target consumers not only need but go out of their way to seek.

What does this mean?  Your marketing needs to provide value to the public.  It needs to be a benefit to others and not self-serving so you and your company can make money.  By going out of your way to help your audience grow and expand, a natural byproduct is that they will trust your brand more and shop it.  This can lead to an influx of new customers simply because of the good they see you doing.

Here are a few simple ways you can give back to make your marketing more effective and make your brand image more positive…

Useful Info – Educate your audience on problems they care about and position yourself as a solution to that problem.  Host a Meetup group, an event, a class, a webinar or even offer to speak at events.  By creating a space in which your target consumers can socialize, share experiences and find the solutions they need, you will show your audience how much you value them.

Entertain – Invoke emotions in your marketing.  People relate to emotions and visualize themselves in certain situations.  Whether you make them laugh or pull at their heart strings, creating powerful messages to simply entertain your consumers goes a long way to building stronger bonds with them.

Assist – Find your audience and answer their questions.  So many consumers hit the internet and ask questions on blogs, forums and question sites like Quora.  Usually, they are having a problem and seek answers from others who have been in their situation and have found a solution or the closest thing to one.  Go to them.  Find these questions and address them.  Folks do not expect the company to find them and help.  You’ll be surprised what this kind of special attention can do to strengthen your relationships, retain customers and bring in new ones.

The point of marketing is to connect.  While you adopt this attitude of value for your company, make sure your marketing team or local advertising agency are on the same page and can implement a plan based in the very principle of helping others first.  Not only does this kind of advertising boost your Palos Hills business, it will help brighten and transform your own life and relationships in a much more positive way.

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