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Live streaming is becoming more popular by the day.  Sites such as Facebook and YouTube offer the options for a user to be able to “go live” with their audience.  In fact, Facebook boasts a 600% better interaction rate than pre-recorded content and 78% of Facebook users already watch live videos regularly.  Many platforms even allow you to interact with and respond to your audience while live.

Is Live Streaming Good For SEO?

A resounding YES – live stream is actually fantastic for search engine optimization these days.  Facebook has already updated their algorithm to give higher priority for live videos and Google pushes YouTube vids into the top slot for search results.  This is because Google considers live video (that provides actual value) the most up-to-date source for knowledge.  Another reason why Google bought out YouTube awhile back.  They saw the writing on the wall and didn’t need Marty McFly to tell them that future society was going to be intrinsically linked to the visual medium.

Another reason Google and social platforms such as Facebook LOVE live streaming is because it has the highest engagement levels.  The more the audience stays on the site and engages, the more likely they are to interact with ads and increase ad revenue – a VERY important factor for businesses.  This symbiotic relationship created by live video streaming makes it very valuable and all important in the eyes of search engines.

Tips For Live Streaming

There are many platforms aside from the big two that you can live stream from, such as: Twitch, Instagram, Periscope, etc.  While you may find success from smaller streaming sites you may want to put more of your focus on YouTube and Facebook because they have a wider audience and more detailed niches.  Find out what works best for you and your product/service, set up an account and get streaming!

Creating live videos is actually quite simple and CHEAP.  Here are a few tips to guide you on your live streaming journey:

  • Simple Text and Keywords:  Create your stream account, titles and descriptions using easy to understand words and keywords.  Search engines are not yet able to understand audio so you need to provide clues in your text that helps them place your video in the proper spots and know if it answers a particular user question.
  • Consistency:  Before you even begin live streaming, figure out what your stream is about.  What kinds of videos will you be shooting?  How-To’s?  Q&A’s?  Funny skits?  Product reviews?  Having a mix can be nice but you definitely want to be consistent across the board to build a presence for your stream.
  • Valuable Content:  What exactly are you providing?  Google wants to showcase content that causes people to engage.  It doesn’t matter if it’s through knowledge or a great comedy skit, if a large amount of people view and interact with or share your video, Google assumes it must be providing value and ranks it higher.  Think about your content and what you are trying to provide and to whom.  Your content needs to stand for itself.
  • Production Quality:  No, you do not have to shoot a professional Hollywood style film or a film-brat piece.  All you need is to make sure that your video is not blurry or full of glitches and that your audio is crisp and clear.  If your newest phone does the trick, then use it.  You definitely do not need money or fancy equipment to shoot a decent live stream video.

Multi-Purpose SEO

The great thing about live streaming vids is that you can re-purpose them for additional SEO content.  You can put up a text transcript of the video to your site or blog, cut 10-30 second highlight snippets for social media or even include snippets of the transcript in other articles.

Live streaming provides a lot of options for SEO strategies and is a definite boost to your marketing campaign.  It can be as simple as you answering a question in 60 seconds off of your phone.  If you aren’t using live streaming as one of your SEO tactics, you should DEFINITELY reconsider.  Not only is it great for search ranking boosts but you can actually interact with your target audience.  That alone is PRICELESS.

What kinds of videos do you usually watch online?  Comment Below And Let Me Know!

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