SEMScoop Really Takes The Cake!

Keyword research is one of the most important factors in search engine marketing and optimization.  These are the crucial words that people type into search bars on Google, Bing, etc. to find information.  Search engines use these words to scour all sites on the internet trying to find the best answer possible.  Between changing algorithms, competition and various strategies available, it is of the utmost importance to do continuous keyword research and optimize to maximize your efforts and come out on top.

There are many tools available to help you in doing the research – both paid and free – and while there are many we can recommend, SEMScoop really knocked our socks off!

What Can SEMScoop Do For You?

While this program possesses the most essential features for researching target keywords, there are a few things that really make this one of the best options we’ve seen in a long while.

  • Advanced Links – Not only can you research your keywords, this tool shows you how much link building you will need to hit Page One of Google for them.  It analyzes your competition’s top backlinks and locates weak areas where you can slip in and rank.  It saved us from having to use other tools and doing three extra steps to find keyword weakness.
  • Difficulty Calculations – SEMScoop calculates the metrics for every keyword and keyword combination and cuts out they keywords that probably won’t rank.  With a fine balance between competition for the keyword and monthly searches for it, this tool updates in real time so you are on top of any algorithm or trend changes.
  • Astounding Results – There are over 100 Million keywords that are dissected by SERP analysis, accuracy and efficiency to provide you with the most detailed data for all of your campaign goals.
  • Quality Score – This tool gives direct insight on the content length needed for that keyword to soar.  It scours your competition sites and even scores their on-page content to give you the most accurate evaluation of how much you need to write and optimize in order to outpace others and rank higher.

While we keep discovering new features and details that are saving us time and increasing our efficiency in keyword research, we can’t say enough good things about what we are experiencing so far.  They have a fantastic staff that has been so helpful in answering our questions and even gave us suggestions on how to fine tune some of our campaign goals!

Take SEMScoop out for a test run and see for yourself the difference between good keyword research and PHENOMENAL keyword research.


When You Are Ready To See What Keyword Research Should Be Like, Give SEMScoop A Try.


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