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“Social May Be Sexy But Search Still Pays The Bills.”  – Tom Pick
People tend to flock to social media because it’s hot and trendy.  They stay up to date on the who’s who and the what’s what and for several seconds they feel connected to others or part of the “in” crowd.  Marketers focus on social media to tap into audience mindset and establish report.  All very important feelings and factors when it comes to social media and marketing.
Optimizing campaigns for search results may not be as fun as social media or as easy but those users are forking over cash for your product or service.  Social media gets the hype and the glory but at the end of the day, the majority of cash flow to many businesses is coming from the user typing queries into search engines.
It is important to build relationships and engage with those on social channels but your main focus should be targeting those search users and funneling them to your product and/or service.

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