“Banners have 99 problems and a click ain’t one.” – Scott Sorokin
Banners are Public Enemy #1 it seems.
While they used to be great for advertising, they are now so commonplace that they have become part of our internet background.  Most folks don’t even notice them anymore because they are so used to being bombarded by them on a daily basis.  It’s almost as if they’ve become invisible to the human eye.  Younger generations have been taught to ignore the edges of web pages.
So, how on earth do you adjust to this?
Stop using banners.  Focus more on content creation and storytelling.  Marketing today is connecting on a more valuable and emotional level.  Providing advice, help or creating a visual tapestry and telling a story are the crux of marketing these days.  You have to show people WHY you exist.  Stop talking about you and start talking about what you can do for customers.  It’s the era of the consumer.  Great marketing is about the value you provide them and how you can solve their problems.  Creating a story that connects with them or solves their issues is the forefront of advertising in 2019.
If you are absolutely bonkers about banners and can’t help but use them, you need to adjust to the fact that people ignore you in the margins of a webpage.  No one will click on you because they don’t see you and don’t care.  You may need to move to pop-ups.  Regardless of your love for banners, you really need to ditch them and focus on connecting with your consumer base.  Solve their problems and provide quality content without expectation of receiving anything.  Your consumers will know you care and will repay you with loyalty and, eventually, sales.
Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your business will NOT grow on a banner.

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