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Almost every industry today has business awards that you can win and provide an online badge for you to proudly display on your site.  Everyone from professional organizations, industry leaders and publications run some sort of awards contest.  Having a badge that showcases what you won actually boosts your credibility with buyers and helps to increase your sales.

What Kind Of Awards Are Given?

The awards you can receive are nearly limitless.  There’s everything from Best in Business and Minority Owned Business of the Year to Good Food and Veggie Awards.  It all depends on your industry and what products or services you present to the world.  Some awards have gained enough of a cult following that they are desperately sought after by serious contenders.  You have to ask yourself what makes your business unique and highlight those traits.

To be considered for these awards, you may have to accumulate the most votes online or submit a video, application essay or press kit to be reviewed by judges.  Many are free to enter but some require an application fee.  Before you shell out money to enter an awards contest, check out previous winners.  Have there been any that were similar to your company in size, skill and industry?  This way you will know if you have a shot at claiming the title or if you should look elsewhere.

Why On Earth Should You Try To Win One?

It may seem daunting to complete all the submission requirements or face seasoned competitors for one of these awards but they provide huge benefits for your business.

  • Flaunt It – Consumers search your business online before they ever even consider contacting you.  If they see that you won an award or two, your credibility instantly shoots up and you become more impressive in their eyes.  Suddenly, you seem more reliable and of high quality simply because you won an award.  This also helps you stand out from competitors and gain more visibility online.
  • Prizes – Some contests award the winner a prize, such as cash, trips or product.  Everything from free memberships, workshops, hotel stays – the list is endless!  These can provide great opportunities to grow your business or network.
  • Ready For Your Close Up? – Winning an award can get you a mention in national/local publications or news which can increase your visibility to consumers who wouldn’t necessarily be looking for you.  Increasing your brand visibility and incorporating that with your social media accounts can create a buzz around your products and/or services that is hard to come by.  Other businesses also notice you and may ask to partner up or do a mutual endorsement opportunity.

How Do I Find Awards To Shoot For?

Your biggest friend is Google or other search engines.  Simply type in your industry and awards and follow the trail of what pops up.  You can also ask other businesses who enter similar contests or reach out to more general category agencies such as small business awards.  Here are a few resources you can check use to enter contests or locate more.

Get Serious And Get Started!

If you are new to the whole online business awards arena, dip your toe into the pool by entering local or regional awards first.  Narrow down the list of awards so you only place focus on a few at one time.  Make sure you understand the requirements asked of you so you can present the best face of your company and appear as a serious contender.  Check with local newspapers or organizations in your area for more opportunities in your neighborhood.

Don’t let the submission process or requirements set your nerves ablaze, this is simply an opportunity for you to showcase your business and gain more exposure.  If you don’t win an award, it isn’t the end of the world.  It’s simply a chance to grow but it isn’t the ONLY chance your business will have for expanding.  Have fun and use these awards as a way to broaden your network and show your pride in the products and/or services you offer.  Best of Luck!


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