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“My Biggest Motivation? Just To Keep Challenging Myself.  I See Life Almost Like One Long University Education That I Never Had – Every Day I’m Learning Something New.”  – Richard Branson

Don’t expect to know every single thing about your business when it starts.  Actually, you will NEVER know everything about your business even if you have had it for 50 years.

This is because time changes everything.  Trends form, technology evolves, consumer needs shift and merge and at the end of the day you will find that your entire industry is constantly morphing.  You may not completely know your customer, product or market when you start a business and that’s okay.  You learn as you go and grow.

As your business expands and becomes more involved, you will garner new knowledge and understanding.  It may even happen daily.  The most important thing to remember is not to get down on yourself for not knowing every intricacy but acquiring the knowledge and applying it as you move forward.  Every mistake is a chance to learn a new trick and take it with you on the journey ahead.  Not only will you learn from missteps and failures but it will push you to do better and apply what you have gained on the next go ’round.


Every truly wise and successful person understands and accepts that they will never be a master but always a student.

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