Your website is vulnerable.

It’s the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal and that only makes it a larger target for hackers and bot attacks.  These entities attempt to gain access to a website and modify it’s content and/or code in order to block access to it.  If you are in an industry where competition for important keywords is high, these spammers attempt to knock some of the websites out of the water in order to give theirs a better shot.  These attacks can not only disable your website but, depending on what they put on your site, can get you blocked from Google.

This type of behavior is definitely unethical and spammers can be banned or, depending on what they are doing, be fined for their behavior.  The unfortunate part about this is that these attacks are common problems that happen to websites with faulty or weak security.  Your best shot at avoiding attacks and keeping your rightful place on Google is by optimizing your site with increased, adaptive security features.

At SEO Service Advertising Agency, we supply intelligent protection protocols for all websites designed by us.  Our unique coding doesn’t just make a site look impressive or fully optimize it to increase effectiveness on Google but adapts to changing algorithms while keeping ahead of hackers and protecting from attacks in real time.  Design and compatibility are key nowadays but it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if your site is weak or easily accessed by unauthorized foreign parties.

It doesn’t matter if your Bolingbrook business has a website that caters to local, national or international consumers, it deserves to be a safe and secure portal to spread information about your products and/or services.   Building a website that isn’t secure or has weak protocols can be devastating and the damage from an attack isn’t easily undone.  It takes a lot of time and lost business to try and recoup and, even then, there is no guarantee that you can bounce back from it.

Protect your investment from the very beginning by taking advantage of our security protocols and keeping your site where it belongs – claiming a top spot on the search engines!

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