How Many Social Media Channels Should I Use?
You have seen how important social media marketing is to any campaign and it is crucial that you should be utilizing this goldmine and implementing it into your strategies.  Some marketing agencies even promote their in-depth social media packages and boast impressive engagement stats.  With the ease of technology and companies supplying key support, reaching your target audience has never been simpler or more vital but the true question is, do you truly need to be on all social media platforms?
Honestly?  No.
Most likely, the core of your target audience is only using certain social media platforms.  If 98 of your key customers are on Twitter and only 2 are on Linkedin, it’s time to drop the platform with less engagement.  With the overwhelming amount of strategies and ways you can promote your products or services, it isn’t the best use of your time to hit every single platform.
If you look at several major companies, they focus their efforts on a few social media channels but not every single one that exists.  This is because they know where their target consumers spend their time interacting so it is more beneficial to reach them on that platform.  Sure, you may have consumers who enjoy your products and services on every social media channel BUT

would you rather do 2 social media channels really well or 4 poorly?

The answer should be easy.  You could spend more time fine-tuning and becoming more active on 2 or 3 social media platforms than spread yourself too thin and barely have time to maintain 5 or 6.  By performing well on a couple, you will strengthen and expand your core consumer base exponentially because you have taken the time to care.  Consumers FEEL marketing these days so they want you at your most authentic, genuine self.  They appreciate the effort you put into cultivating a relationship with them and will reward your good deeds with brand loyalty.

So, REALLY?  Just Drop The Other Profiles?

YES. Unless the only thing you ever do with your day is social media marketing, then drop some.  It seems like your time could be better spent by focusing on your business and cultivating better relationships with your consumers but the choice is yours.  You should only stay on social platforms if you have decent levels of engagement there or if you have oodles of time each day to devote to every account.

Do some research, find out where the bulk of your target consumers congregate and focus on building beautiful, engaging accounts that offer benefit to those users.  Putting in the work and energy now will yield a titanium foundation for your brand in the future.


If you find yourself a little short on the time needed to launch a full scale marketing plan or feel like you might be missing something, give us a call and find out how we can help.




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