“It Is Crucial To Recognize, Reward And Celebrate Accomplishments.” – Rosabeth Kanter

People love to be recognized for hard work and rewarded for their actions.  This is true throughout the history of man and a trait we share with animals.  Everyone loves praise and to feel valued.  The more a person feels appreciated and important to the team, the higher quality of work they will produce and the more efficient they will be.

You shouldn’t simply reward your team because you want to improve your bottom line.  You should reward them because they matter to you.  Because they are the heart of your company.  These are the folks who make you look good every day and continue to help the business grow and prosper.  They have distinct personalities, families, hobbies, etc.  You should love your team because they ARE your company and not to meet a quota or pad C-Suite exec pockets.  By creating an environment where their ideas are nurtured and they are encouraged to grow, you will not only increase your company’s success but produce more skilled employees that will take that success to the next level.

Whether you realize it or not, customers see this.  If employees love their company, they show it.  Be it online with social media, showing support at events or through simple word-of-mouth, if your employees are happy with their jobs and where they work, they will talk about it loudly and proudly.  Customers interact with this and become addicted to the infectious “rah-rah” message.  Not only that but they can see your company cares about it’s people and, so, must also care about them.  This is HUGE when it comes to customer loyalty.

The bottom line is: treat your employees well and foster their personal success.  This will show the world your heart and that is the key to connecting with loyal customers.

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