“Every Time We Launch A Feature, People Yell At Us.” — Angelo Sotira, Co-Founder Of DeviantART 

Most people detest change.

It isn’t easy to break from your comfort level and embark on a new adventure, learn from scratch or replace something you love.  We tend to get frustrated at having to start over or feel like we are wasting too much time by learning a new strategy.  Not all people, but most, are simply not fans of any type of change.

As a business, you need to understand that most people will scream loud and long about any changes you might implement.  You may be tempted to revert back to what was before out of not wanting to offend your consumers or rock the boat too much.  The fact of the matter is that if you have a business in this day and age, no matter the industry, you need to stay one step ahead in order to last.  You need to be open to reinvention and making changes in the process of evolving your company.  Tired, outdated and unable to keep up will simply be phased out.  Your company’s success lies in the fact that you are able to adapt, expand and move forward.

You will always have customers complain because you can not appease everyone at once.  This is why there are so many varieties of pop and new ones consistently being introduced.  Not one product will fit everyone or make them happy.  Knowing this, don’t be afraid to push the limits and look for ways in which you can make your products and services easier to use or better quality.  There is always something you can do to evolve with the world.  Being scared to excel or push the limits and meet or exceed expectations will likely result in your company’s downfall.

However, you might make a change that just doesn’t work, slows efficiency or is generally not useful and may need to scrap it.  This isn’t an exact science so don’t worry about trial and error.  The point is that you are willing to try and embrace change.

You can’t make everyone happy so stay true to your company vision and present the best possible product or service that you can.

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