“Successful Companies In Social Media Function More Like Entertainment Companies, Publishers Or Party Planners Than As Traditional Advertisers.” – Erik Qualman
The days of sleazy sales pitches and hard sells has seen it’s final horizon.  These tactics are just not as effective as they once were.  With the pace of technology and how much our society is on-the-go, attention spans have decreased and online interactions are the new norm.  Consumers are craving connections above all else. They are always looking for information, tips, cost-savings – any sort of benefit – for their hectic lives.
They also want to feel valued and appreciated.  They buy from companies because they love the products/services but they follow and stay engaged with these same companies online because they receive so much in return.  These consumers are given helpful information on how to make their lives easier or how they can save more money.  They aren’t being beaten over the head with selling tactics so they feel appreciated and are more likely to perform a call-to-action.
Think of it this way, aren’t you more likely to do something because YOU wanted to and not because you were told to?
This means you have to keep their attention by entertaining them with fun facts, anecdotes, motivational quotes, inspirational stories, funny events, etc.  You have to publish information packed articles, checklists, white papers, case studies, etc. so they can implement these strategies into their lives to make things easier or work better.  You need to create hype around contests, events, products, etc. like you are hosting the biggest gala in NYC.  These days, selling should be secondary to building relationships and becoming an important asset in helping your consumers live.

Once you establish and maintain these relationships, these bonds, on a consistent basis, they will repay you in loyalty and sales growth.  It doesn’t happen overnight but it is worth it in the long run.  When you see your sales or conversions increase, don’t stop supplying value or engagement.  Once you start, you will be continuing this pattern for as long as you want to stay in business.  Remember, put the customer first and they will, eventually, put you first.

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