Marketing, by its very nature, is educational.  You are teaching your consumers more about your product and how it works in their daily lives.  Of course marketing is a way to increase your revenue and bring awareness to your company and product but it is in the education where loyalty is built.  Consumers don’t want to be sold or read a bill of goods.  They want to learn not only about your product but the industry it lies within.

Giving freely of information pertaining to important topics and trends in your industry builds a relationship with your consumer.  By offering tips, advice and current solutions, the consumer sees you as a thought-leader – someone in the industry whom they can turn to for information on the subject without being blasted with sales speak.  They feel a more personal connection with your company and not like another statistic on a spreadsheet.  Building this relationship benefits both your company and the consumer.  The consumer feels like their opinions matter and that you care about how to better their lives and you build stronger ties with your audience and learn more about how to improve your products and services to perform better.

Since it is all about connecting with your consumer, the best way to do that is by giving information about topics in your industry.  How-Tos, success stories, tips, blogging about trends – these are very important ways in which you can engage and pass along industry insights.  It is this very knowledge that current consumers seek.  Becoming actively engaged with your community and sharing helpful content on a regular basis will win you a loyal consumer base.

Not only is sharing insight about the industry and current trends important but even explaining return policies, product warranties and other relevant information on your website and across your online community helps consumers make better buying decisions and resolve issues quickly.  Improving your customer service program to help customers more thoroughly and swiftly is crucial for the hectic schedules of today’s customer.

Emotion is the heart of everything.  Consumers tend to make decisions based on their feelings, which is why if they feel connected and valuable to your company, they are more likely to become dedicated customers.  While companies of the past used emotion to strictly sell to the public, you can use it to spread more education about important issues facing the world.  Driving social change and using your place as a visible brand to spread awareness about causes and make positive changes is not simply a tactic to gain favor with patrons but a chance to help the world at large.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you run a massive advertising push in NYC or use local Lemont marketing to increase brand awareness, understand that the more you educate your consumers and share with them, the better buying decisions they will make and the stronger bonds they will build with you and each other.

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