Hiring a marketing agency to promote your business isn’t something only large corporations do.  It isn’t to fake the look of a successful company and it doesn’t have to cost you a Harvard tuition.

Anyone can hire a marketing agency and, in this day and age, they SHOULD.  Here’s why:

  • More Experience – This is what marketing firms are trained to do and where the crux of their education and hard work is focused.  It isn’t simply one person but a team of people who each are pros in their particular marketing field.  For example, the social media pro sticks to their area and lets the email marketer do their thing.
  • Time Saver – It is easy to get bogged down in marketing.  It’s a complex field and there is ALWAYS something that can be done.  As a business owner, are you able to devote full-time hours to establishing and painstakingly implementing a marketing plan?  Probably not.  Your focus should be on your business itself, not how to get the word out.  Again, this is what the pros do day after day.
  • Negotiations and Relationships – Agencies are able to find better deals on advertising opportunities because of their existing relationships.  Since they continue to do business with various media outlets, those media outlets want to keep their business and will offer better rates than a business owner trying to go direct would get.  Of course, it’s also the relationships themselves.  Marketing agencies have been in this game awhile and have established connections over time with many media outlets.  This not only gets you better prices but helps get better terms and even get into the avenues that are hardest to break into.
  • Neutral – Advertising agencies are able to remain neutral when it comes to your business marketing.  They aren’t tied to any media outlets so they don’t need to hard-sell you on a program and can lead your business down a path that would work best based on your goals, target consumer and budget.
  • Buffers And Counsel – Going directly to media outlets means you are getting salespeople looking to hook you into a sale.  Marketing agencies are the buffer between you (the business owner) and those hunters looking to make a quick sale.  Not only do agencies get better pricing but they are able to give you better advice than if you went direct.  Going direct to different outlets means they are more likely to give you answers that lead you to working with them – no matter the cost.  Marketing agencies are neutral and give you the best advice based on your company and what you are trying to achieve.
  • Success Based On Success – A marketing agency can only be successful if YOU are.  The better our clients do, the more they will use our services.  We only make money if you do so we do everything in our power to make sure your business grows, succeeds and accomplishes its goals.  This is a better incentive to do great work all around.

There are even more reasons to use a marketing agency but these are the main benefits for business owners.  In the end, hiring an agency is the most cost-effective way to grow your business.  Save yourself time, money and a whole heap of headaches by letting a marketing firm handle your local business advertising.

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