“Clients do not come first.  Employees come first.  If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”  – Richard Branson

Of course, clients are the lifeblood of your business.  They should always be a priority and well-taken care of.  But how can you handle thousands or millions of customers without employees?

Employees are the backbone of your business.  They carry out the day-to-day tasks that keep your company running and supplying great products or services to the people.  They interact with your consumers, solve their problems, keep them satisfied but who is keeping the employees satisified?

You need to focus on making your employees feel comfortable and valued.  They need to feel appreciated and a part of the team, not a generic number for payroll processing.  The better you care for your employees, the more excited they will be to go to work and the more satisfied they will be while there.  They will bring this enthusiasm, good nature and focus to the customers.  An employee who is happy to get up and be at work is far more likely to go the extra mile with a client than one who is simply getting by in their day, waiting for clock out time so they can get out quickly.  Customers can feel this energy and it greatly influences how they feel about your company.

Provide training, breathers, stress-relieving tools and a comfortable atmosphere in which they can interact.  By keeping business fun, it creates a mentality less like grueling work and more centered on passion.  Allow your employees the opportunity to improve strategies and tools within the company – give them an outlet to share opinions and ideas.  The more an employee feels like they are part of the team, the more pride they take in how they perform their work.  In the end, these are the folks who interact with your consumers and provide the exceptional care that makes customers a priority.

Treat your people well and provide an environment of growth and they will treat your customers with even better care than you can imagine.

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