Do You Need A Dedicated Chat Service For Your Website?

A chat service is a program that allows visitors to your website to ask questions and seek help from a customer service representative.  Chat services are live chats, which means that an actual human is on the other end ready and willing to answer any and all questions.  This is an ideal option for any company on the web today because being attentive and responsive to customers is crucial to increasing sales and positive brand image.

In fact, 79% of customers online today say they prefer live chat services because they don’t have to wait for an answer from a chat bot.  A chat bot is a program powered by artificial intelligence that interacts with a customer in place of a human.  They are ideal for answering short, repetitive questions or for collecting basic information and can be customized to respond in a certain way but they have definite limitations.  They can only answer what they are programmed to so any left field questions or special circumstances are going to have to be answered later by a representative checking the queries.  This is a problem for a lot of consumers.  They want answers fast and they want to discuss specific options customized for them.

Aside from technical issues or the level of help received, some folks simply want to talk to another person.  To feel like they are being heard and understood, not categorized and fit into an algorithm.  This is where a chat service can really set your company apart from competitors.

By taking the time to talk with a customer and engage with them, they feel like your company truly cares and appreciates them.  This wins over customers who are on the fence and puts much more of a positive spin on your company image.  All it takes is a few trained professionals who are available to answer all of your customer questions and provide solutions to unique situations.

SEO Services Advertising Agency provides a live chat option for the most affordable pricing you will find.  At $1 per hour for 24/7 service, this is an offer that few can beat.  You can check out these unbelievable prices by Clicking Here.  You can even set how long you want a rep available, be it 9 to 5 or any combination you think is best, and the price is still extremely reasonable.  The choice is yours.  We install the chat service onto your site, maintain it and provide trained professionals who, not only answer questions and help troubleshoot issues, but can lead customers into your own, unique sales funnel.  Most importantly, our reps are able to respond to the context and emotions of your clients to provide a better, more caring solution.  That is something that chat bots just can not do.

You can also take advantage of our additional service of a Dedicated Knowledge Base.  Instead of receiving several calls a day from representatives with complex customer questions, a Dedicated Knowledge Base is set up so that all of those tough situation answers can easily be looked up and addressed by any of our representatives without needless, constant feedback from your company.  With a learn-as-you-go protocol, this Knowledge Base is stocked with all of the crucial information needed to answer questions about your company’s products and/or services.  Talk about stellar service done right!

Trained, compassionate professionals answering your customer’s questions and concerns 24/7 for $1 an hour?  We install, maintain and fine-tune the software?  Sounds like an epic WIN!

When You Are Ready To Get Started On Your New Chat Service, Click Here >>> SEO Services Advertising Agency!

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