“Sell The Problem You Solve, Not The Product”

Your company doesn’t sell products or services.  It sells solutions.

This is the mindset you need to have in order for your business to grow and excel.  Consumers don’t care about your product.  They don’t care about how long it took you to design and build.  They don’t care about how little you invested or your profit margins.  They don’t care about what genius was used to create the formula to make this work in the first place.  All they care about is how it solves a problem they have in their life.

They don’t want the specifics about what you went through or why.  Sure, some do because they appreciate good backstories or are generally curious but the majority of consumers that will buy your product or use your service simply want to know how it benefits THEM.

Be sure to play this up.  From your product packaging to your marketing campaigns, the focal point is what problem it solves.  Show them how your product fixes this issue so they can eliminate this problem or use their time more efficiently.  Even in early development stages, decide on the problem that needs fixed and tackle a worthwhile solution.  This solution is how you promote the product and how you will make sales.  Demonstrations, case studies – the public needs to understand what value your solution gives them.

This is what your company sells.  Not products.  Not services.  Not Backstory.  Solutions.  Solutions for the problems they encounter in their lives.

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