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So you’ve learned all about Flash Mob marketing and the benefits of pursuing this kind of advertising.  You’ve taken all the steps necessary to craft your message and plan out the entire event, instructional video included.  The only thing that remains is where to get volunteers to participate in your flash mob.

The more folks participating in it, the better.  Not only will you attract more eyeballs and make more of an impact in getting your message across, a bigger crowd is more visually appealing and impressive on video.  The very video in which you will be blasting across the internet and sharing with everyone and their mother.  But assembling your crowd is only half the battle.  You need to make sure they all see your main page with the instructional video and have all of the accurate details.  Synchronicity is CRUCIAL to the success of a flash mob.

Below are a few suggestions of places in which you can advertise for volunteers to join your flash mob.  There are probably even local art or underground scene websites and/or publications you can check into for securing bodies.  Remember that secrecy is an important part of a flash mob implementation so you want to avoid having the public at large know about it.  Advertising on Craigslist or in local newspapers probably isn’t the best way to keep your flash mob a surprise to the public until it is happening around them.

Places To Advertise Your Flash Mob

MeetUp – This is probably one of the best places to advertise for volunteers.  There are local groups that connect volunteers directly to flash mobs happening in their area and even alert them through emails of upcoming events.

Twitter – Of all social media platforms, Twitter seems to be the hive of flash mob activity.  It’s a great place to find or advertise localized flash mob events and keep track in real time.  Using hashtags such as #flashmob will find you a whole list of flash mob feeds which may by great for advertising your own event or joining in on others.

Facebook – There are a few FB groups and pages dedicated to global, or even localized, flash mob events.  Twitter is your better bet for social media advertising but you might find a core of mob addicts on here willing to jump in on your event.  Take the time to do a little research and explore some pages.

Flashmob – This is a UK news site devoted to keeping up on flash mobs around the world in real time.  You can submit your own upcoming event on here or even follow them on Twitter.

Flash Mob Event Planners – Flash Mob Advertising is a unique niche that many companies have been created around.  You can hire these organizations to create and maintain an entire event for your company.  You will likely have to pay a fee, as you are hiring them as an event planner of sorts, but they take care of every detail for you.  They can come up with an idea or unique way of promoting your message, select location and details and even reach out and collect volunteers to participate in it.  They will , of course, record the event as it happens as well and some may even go the extra mile by sharing the video across the internet for you, if needed.  Some examples of these companies are Flash Mob America or Book A Flash Mob.


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