You would be shocked to know that most businesses are advertising to themselves and NOT their target consumer.

This is shocking simply because in this day and age the principles of marketing have evolved and how to approach clients has been molded by those very same customers.  There is a particular way consumers want to be treated and what they expect from selling, marketing and company interactions.  They are not shy in sharing and most companies have jumped on the bandwagon to accommodate the new standard of excellence.  Yet, with all of this knowledge, many companies are still not marketing TO their target audience.

Here are the three fundamentals that seem to escape a lot of businesses…
Who Are They?  –  Pretty easy, right?  If you don’t know who your target consumer is, how can you begin to offer a product to help them?  Market research is VITAL before you even begin to finalize your product.  Your protein shake may appeal to women but it behooves you to know that your customer is Mary,  a 25 year old single mother of two and works nights so she can put herself through nursing school.  The more intimate of details you can gather, the better you can build your product to cater to Mary’s needs and create marketing that speaks directly to her.

Your marketing department or local advertising agency is well versed in conducting efficient market research.  Not only do they accumulate a wide variety of specific detail about the consumer, they analyze and interpret the information as well as past, present and future clients for a market, product or service.

Consumer Needs  –  This is really the jackpot right here.  Everything SHOULD revolve around your consumer’s needs.  After all, your product is going to fulfill that need so why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to properly address and solve this for them?  So many companies spend so much money on what is important to the company – not the consumer.  You may have created a fancy logo, have a finely crafted mission statement or a rich and colorful history but the consumer doesn’t care.  They want to know what you can do for them and how your product can make their lives better.  Plain and simple.  Listen to your consumers.  What is their main problem?  What have you created to improve that situation for them?  How easy is it to use?  How can they get this product?  The more you make it about them and less about you, the better off your company will be.
Talk TO Them  –  This is a fun one.  How many times have you seen a company marketing to consumers but the tone comes off as snotty, stuck-up or even self-serving?  Stop bragging about your company and how great you are and have a conversation with your clients.  Use a laid-back, conversational tone and address their needs.  A consumer wants to feel valued and that they can trust you.  So, make them feel like they are part of your family.  Show care and compassion to their problems and offer solutions to help them.  It isn’t about money, it’s about personal connection.
Working with a quality marketing team makes all the difference here.  You need a professional agency to strike the delicate balance between a positive, effective tone and one that falls flat.  It’s all about trust.  You trust your team, they trust in the customer and the customer trusts in you.  A delicate balance that separates the successful companies from the extinct ones.
In the end, your trust and credibility are on the line and shouldn’t be mishandled.  In order to build a successful marketing campaign, you need to find the heart of your consumer and treasure it.  Find a team that resonates with you and your goals but can help you fully understand these things about your target audience.

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