Are you a new business owner?  Perhaps a business owner who has been around for decades and successfully navigated entrepreneurship in spite of big box stores spreading like water?

It doesn’t matter if you have been around the block a few times or not.  Everyone can agree that one of the most important sources of small business success is getting the word out and marketing your services.  The more people hear about you, the more likely they are to stop in and become loyal customers.  But do you need the big budget of say, a Wal-Mart or a Kohl’s, to advertise effectively?

Luckily, NO, you don’t.

While a bigger budget might allow you to explore more marketing channels, advertising in a nutshell isn’t so much about how much money you put into it but how to maximize your budget to get the most efficiency and effectiveness out of the campaign.  It’s all about the how, the where and the who.

How are you using your budget?  Are you utilizing the best channels for what you hope to achieve?  Throwing money blindly or trusting in a company that doesn’t seem to understand that you shouldn’t be thrown around everywhere but research a path and distinct ways to target your core audience isn’t how you make the most of your advertising dollar.

Where are you marketing?  This is actually two-fold.  Firstly, what channels are you using to market your Bridgeview business?  Your target audience is NOT going to be on every interface.  You have to understand where they are and what will get your message in front of their eyeballs.  Every marketing opportunity is not created equal and doing the proper in-depth analysis of what this entails will mean everything to how effective your campaign will be.  Secondly, are you focusing more on marketing in your area or nationwide?  This is a critical component in how your services will be broadcast and in determining which paths will be the most successful for your advertising campaign.

Who are you marketing to?  It isn’t enough to say that you are marketing to anyone in a specific area.  You already know that a customer with certain needs is going to look for your product or service.  If you haven’t during formulating your product or service, you or your digital marketing agency must do extensive research on who your target consumer is.  This research will identify even more opportunities for marketing and allow you to hone your entire campaign to be more precise in meeting and potentially exceeding your goals.

In the end, your small business doesn’t have to spend millions of dollars on marketing in order to get out into the world and reach your customers.  You can become successful and grow your company by simply crafting a much better action plan for how, when and to whom your marketing campaign will be implemented.

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