What Is Facebook Messenger Bot?

Facebook Messenger Bots are chatbots.  They help provide quick answers and execute small tasks on a company’s behalf, especially after hours.  They can be a huge time-saver to customers because instead of downloading an app, making a phone call or scouring a web page, they can ask your FB messenger a simple questions and, hopefully, get a simple response back.

They are nothing new and have been around for decades but chatbots for FB tend to be overlooked or under utilized.  Customers need answers 24/7 and they tend to ask similar questions.  You can save money by not needing after hours support staff and you can save time that would be better spent focusing on business growth instead of answering the same question for the thousandth time.

True Marketing Potential?

An interesting thing about chatbots is that they can actually help you formulate a better Facebook marketing strategy.  You can use them to identify leads through what they need and funnel those to real folks on your sales team or engage with consumers by reminding them about products left saved in their online shopping carts.

A truly exciting aspect is that you can fine-tune a chatbot to actually sell products as well.  From simply asking if they would like to add a scarf to that winter jacket sale (upselling) to remembering sizes or time zones in order to make future recommendations, the implementation of a chatbot is near limitless.  They can even track deliveries, book appointments or make you laugh, you just have to think outside of the box on what you could use yours for in terms of your business.

Another great use of a chatbot is to have them pitch your upcoming seminar or product.  You can ask short questions and then use a canned button response that the user must press to get the next nugget of information. This draws the user in slowly like a live conversation instead of bombarding them with automatic information.

Use Real Conversation

Have your bot sound conversational and not like a malfunctioning Terminator robot.  Long paragraphs packed with information that show up instantaneously tend to deter people.  They are hard to read on mobile devices (you have to keep scrolling up to the beginning of the message) and they alert the customer that they are talking to an automated machine.

Use short, everyday speak and allow customers time to answer.  Think of a back-and-forth conversation in real life.  By having your bot sound more relaxed and parse out appropriate information, consumers feel less frustrated or overwhelmed.

Save Time

In line with Real Conversation, remember that the point of a chatbot is to save time for your user, so don’t lead them into long stories or endless questions.  Get to the heart of the matter quickly so your customer can get the satisfaction they are seeking and move on.

Set A Goal

When first using a bot, don’t pile on more than you can manage.  Try to assign it one essential task such as customer service.  You can add and evolve your chatbot as you go.

Personalize As Much As Possible

Try and have your bot identify personal preferences for each user in order to narrow down options.  Almost like a deduction quiz, your bot can ask questions in order to peg a more precise solution for your customer.

Live Help

At some point a human may be needed to complete a service or answer a topic more in-depth.  Have that option available.  Make sure your bot knows when a customer service rep is needed.  Also, give your user the option to talk to a live rep (an opt-out button) instead because some people may just want to avoid the bot altogether.

The most important takeaway from using a chatbot is to constantly keep learning.  A chatbot can’t fully run all aspects of a business quite yet so you will need to evolve it over time.  Some services may need to be tweaked and others may become obsolete as your business changes.  Do research from time to time and see how other companies are using their bots.  It may inspire you to upgrade yours or launch a new path.

As long as you continue to grow and realize that your chatbot should evolve along with your business and your marketing, you should see amazing benefits from your handy new pal.

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