Boredom Always Precedes A Period Of Great Creativity.”  – Robert M. Pirsig

As many of the state shelter-in-place orders are being extended, many folks are turning from scared and confused to angry and plain bored.

The improving weather only heightens the antsy feelings while many already yearn to leave their home, go back to work or simply be allowed to go out and do something – anything.  As we near the end of this quarantine, we must not lose hope.

The most important thing you can do is to keep your mind busy. You may have watched more tv than you care to ever admit or scrubbed the cabinets to perfection but now what?  Start a new hobby, learn a language or simply plan ahead.  The future seems even more exciting now that we’ve been restricted.  Plan a vacation for the end of the year or finally flesh out that art project, novel or community space that’s spent years on the back burner.

It is absolutely true that great creativity comes from boredom so imagine what your near future holds.  What steps can you take to make those projects happen?  How can you keep up that promise to yourself to make the most out of every moment because so much was taken away now?  Set weekly goals that you can reasonably keep when quarantine is over.  Try to accomplish one small task each week whether it’s simply reorganizing the hallway closet or writing one page of that novel.

Being angry about not being able to go out only wastes time that could be spent bettering yourself or making your dreams happen.  It’s perfectly natural to be sad, scared or angry about the situation but don’t let it consume you.  It’s time to plan for a future beyond quarantine.

From everyone here at TGR SEO Services, wash your hands, stay safe and help us get this lockdown over and done with!


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