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“A Brand Is No Longer What We Tell The Consumer It Is – It Is What Consumers Tell Each Other It Is.”  – Scott Cook

People Talk.  Specifically, shoppers talk.

We live in a day and age where how we shop has been dictated by advances in technology.  Consumers can easily get information on a product or company within a few seconds on their laptops, tablets and smartphones.  The days in which a company could hide poor customer service and mistakes are over.  Technology has not only changed the way we shop and made it easier but has opened the door in which consumers are able to discuss with each other.

Instead of only getting information from your family or group of friends about a product, you can talk to someone half way around the world who might help you glean better insight before plunking down cold, hard cash.  This ease and accessibility is a boon to the average consumer but has changed the rules for how a company markets and presents itself.

How the public perceives your business will largely be decided by how satisfied your customers are through the good and bad.  Having an amazing customer service program and addressing the needs of those customers swiftly and thoroughly is critical to a company’s longevity and success.  Remember, they tell each other how you are doing and if you are worth dealing with so put customer needs first.

Shoppers talk and you need to keep them satisfied in order to create a positive public image of your company.

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