“Failure Is An Option.”  – Matthew Schwartz
Failure can be terrifying.  No one likes to crash and burn or see their hard work go up in flames but failure is actually a necessary component in the world of marketing.  If we don’t fail, we never discover new ways of doing things or achieve greater results than we imagined.
Imagine it: if no one ever failed and everything always just worked, we would all be doing the same thing on a daily basis.  It’s the experiments that blow up in our faces or the projects that completely fall to shambles in our laps that click on lightbulbs in our brains and show us new pathways.  We dissect our failures and see opportunities that others may not have noticed.  It is in the exploration of these virgin avenues that we discover whole new concepts and grander results.
This is especially true in Marketing.  The entire concept of marketing is an art.  It’s a way to reach people and move them.  This art is constantly evolving, which leaves ample room to discover just how flexible an approach may be.  Any marketer worth their salt will tell you that they do not have the Midas touch.  Not everything they try works and not everything they set out to achieve has reached its goal.  It’s the adaptability and perseverance on your part that changes the game.

Another reason this quote reflects Marketing so well is because most of this field is about testing.  You are either about to run a test, are currently running one or just received results from one you completed.  Testing allows us to see factors that aren’t working in our strategies and allows us the space we need to tweak them and discover a fresh combination that will yield appropriate results.  When you try something new in testing phases, you will notice what is lacking (failing) and where you may be able to grow or strengthen your approach.

Never be afraid to fail in life or in marketing.  You inevitably will.  But what you find on the other side of that failure or what it shows you in the process will be absolutely priceless.  So, yes, failure is not only an option, it’s a necessity.

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