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We Have A Few Service Rep Positions Still Available!
We’ve met a lot of great candidates and loved getting to know our newest team members!  Feel like you’ve missed out?  Well, don’t be!  SEO Service Advertising Agency still has a few positions available for our Customer Service Representative Team!  YOU could be our next team member!
What Do Our Customer Service Reps Do?
Our Reps are essentially information kiosks.  Customers coming through the door might need questions answered or need to be sorted into the correct channel in order to find the best solution for them.  Reps are given all of the information needed to be able to direct customers to the right departments or give them the essential information they seek.
Yep.  You read that right.  We GIVE you all of the information you need so you do NOT need to have any prior experience or working knowledge.  Don’t feel comfortable answering a question?  Simply forward them to our department staff who can.  It REALLY is THAT easy.
The best part?  You can do it from home or while you are out and about.  All you need is a phone.  We will supply you with a unique phone number so your regular line isn’t impacted at all.  Calls are directed to your phone and you assess where they need to go or how involved you want to be in solving problems.
Wait… so, you are going to PAY me to answer a few calls while I sit home and watch television or run errands?
There is even an opportunity for you to increase your pay IF you want.  It isn’t required at all but, if you would like, you can even try and book clients into packages.  That’s right.  We offer our Reps the ability to sell our packages themselves instead of sending the client to our Sales Department.  You have the ability to make commission off of the sale instead of having our Sales Department claim it.  We provide all materials and training you need to sell the packages and sign clients if you decide to give it a go.  Again, this is strictly optional and NOT a requirement for this position.  This is only for those who might want to make even more money and advance within the company.
Answer some questions and either send them to our sales staff or make the sale yourself – the decision is yours.
We offer competitive pay, unlimited room for growth, awesome teammates and the chance to learn more about digital marketing and SEO.  All you need is a phone and the ability to answer calls.
If you are ready to apply for our Customer Service Representative position, contact us at 708.667.4196 to find out more.
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