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Our Need For Customer Service Reps Has Skyrocketed!
At SEO Service Advertising Agency, we believe in giving each member of our staff the right support to not only get the job done but to excel at what they do and advance into bigger opportunities.  We’ve expanded into new markets and find ourselves in need of adding fresh Customer Service Reps to our team!
What Do Our Customer Service Reps Do?
As our Rep, all you will have to do is take phone calls and field questions.  That’s it.  You don’t need any prior experience or training in customer service, marketing, SEO or anything of the sort.  We give you the necessary information so you can accurately transfer calls to the proper departments.  Easy Peasy.
The only thing you need is a telephone.  We supply you with your own dedicated phone line and personal business website.  You do NOTneed to monitor any sites or keep track of any equipment.  Our tech staff handles the nitty gritty.  You don’t need to market any site in any way.  Customers will call you with questions and you simply figure out solutions for them.  Do they need general information?  You will have a fact sheet and presentation to properly answer all general info questions.  Do they have a tech question?  Transfer to our tech department.  Do they have a question about marketing?  Transfer to our marketing team.  It REALLY is that easy.
It is a Customer Service Position – not sales or having to bring in your own clients.  We just need more people to handle our phone lines and make sure clients get to the right departments.
If a customer calls wanting to go ahead and book one of our packages, you can simply transfer them to our sales or marketing departments.  If you feel confident and would like to make extra money, go ahead and close the sale yourself.  We can supply you with all of the information necessary to sign new clients.  Again, not a requirement – you can pass the call along.  This is only a chance for you to make extra money.
Answer some questions and either send them to our sales staff or make the sale yourself – the decision is yours.
We offer competitive pay, unlimited room for growth, awesome teammates and the chance to learn more about digital marketing and SEO.  All you need is a phone and the ability to answer calls.
If you are ready to apply for our Customer Service Representative position, contact us at 708.667.4196 to find out more.
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