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Are you open on Memorial Day?

While a legitimate question for all businesses and services, the unofficial start to summer brings a fantastic way to connect with your target audience.  The path to longevity and growth is to not simply advertise to your consumers but to form relationships with them.  The connections you forge can turn customers into a loyal following that sticks with you through the years – including any ups or downs you might face.

Since Monday is Memorial Day in the United States, it brought an interesting thought to mind.  While it is a federal holiday, some businesses choose to stay open or are only open for half an operating day.  So, this is a common question – are you open?

What is great about this is it is a small example of a perfect opportunity to connect with your following.  You can create content about the holiday itself and thank those individuals who have died serving in the Armed Forces.  If your target audience is in the U.S., for example, they will appreciate the sentiment for a national holiday they will most likely be observing as well.  This offers your brand the ability to connect with them emotionally and on a more personal level.  However, be sure you are genuine in your message.  Fake tidings are seen a mile away and can have adverse results.

Another great way to build a connection with this question is by answering it.  Whether you are open or not doesn’t actually matter.  You can create a post or send out an email blast highlighting your availability on this day and flesh out content from there.  Maybe add that a new or popular service that you offer will be back on track for Tuesday or offer facts and trivia about the day.  You can even have a few employees give quotes on what Memorial Day means to them or how they honor it and include a small picture of each person next to their statement.  This could even transfer perfectly into a quick video.  The point is that you can create a series of content off of a single question pertaining to a holiday.

A popular option is to offer sales or discounts during the holiday weekend or following week.  Whether it’s an in-store incentive or an emailed coupon code, folks appreciate savings whenever they are offered.  A simple sale even peaks the curiosity of customers who may not have utilized your services as of yet.

The important takeaway is that, with a little creativity and a small amount of effort on your part, you can make the most of a brilliant opportunity to reach your consumers and connect on a deeper level.

We would like to extend our eternal gratitude to all of the fallen who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in keeping us safe.  We remember and honor you all.  Happy Memorial Day.

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