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E Marketing is a term you may have heard here and there in your online marketing adventures.  There are so many facets to the world of marketing and numerous sub-topics to boot so it all seems to run together at some point.  With terms like digital marketing, internet marketing and e marketing, things can get pretty confusing.  But aren’t they all the same thing?

No.  They kinda aren’t.

First and foremost, e marketing is NOT email marketing.  Email marketing is IN it but think of e marketing as electronic marketing.  Bear with me.

Internet Marketing is using the web to connect with new customers.  This is where your search engine optimization factors in.  Things like your website,  keywords, pay-per-click campaigns and sales funnels are a few examples of what falls under this term.  The point of internet marketing is how to capture more traffic to increase sales.  It’s essentially all about gaining traffic.  Your SEO and SEM strategies fall under this term because search engine results are a huge part of driving traffic.  You should never JUST have internet marketing as your only strategy but incorporate several different online marketing tactics to create a more diverse and efficient marketing plan.

E Marketing is essentially internet marketing with additional features.  Not only does it deal with driving traffic through SEO, PPC and other SEM tactics, it puts a significant focus on building relationships.  This is the most critical part of business today – whether online or not.  Building relationships creates loyal followers for your brand and increases the potential of converting traffic into sales because you are connecting with consumers on a deeper, more personal level.  Ways in which you can connect better with consumers is through email marketing, referral programs, social media marketing, online reviews, etc.  It’s pretty much all about getting personal.  On this level, customers are tracked and managed through programs for better customer service and outreach.

Digital Marketing encompasses everything.  It is pretty much an umbrella term that references any type of marketing with the digital spectrum.  It includes internet marketing and e marketing but extends to a larger breadth of advertising options.  Those digital billboards at the bus stop?  Yep – digital marketing.  Mobile apps and push notifications on phones?  Uh huh – digital marketing.  Even television commercials or ad spots in podcasts count as digital marketing.  What is exciting about this term is that you can get really creative with how you advertise, what channels you connect, interactivity, consumer outreach, etc., etc.  Your creativity is your only limit.

Does It Matter What I Say?

Not really.  For most things online, no one really cares if you launched that newsletter and tell everyone you’re involved in internet marketing.  It’s interchangeable and not a big deal to anyone.  Sort of a non-issue, if you will.

The only thing you want to pay attention to is to whom you give money to for services.  If you’re seeking a firm that does everything, you probably don’t want to hire an agency that only handles internet marketing – they won’t focus on building relationships or other channels.  It’s also a great way to weed out inexperienced individuals.  If someone tells you they are a digital marketer but doesn’t understand SEO or PPC practices, you probably want to pass over them and hire someone that can truly tackle all three or whatever you are looking for.

The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be focusing on only one of these.  A truly efficient and successful marketing campaign will incorporate several different tactics and fully utilize as much as it can without spreading too thin and weakening any strategies.  Every plan will be different based on company, industry, goals, targets, budgets, marketing team and other such factors so it will be a game of give and take to find a formula that works for you.  You simply don’t want to only focus on one avenue because you won’t be exploring the full potential of what your marketing can do for you.

If you find yourself a little short on the time needed to launch a full scale marketing plan or feel like you might be missing something, give us a call and find out how we can help.

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