Free Website For Business - Free Website For Business

What Does This Mean For You And Your Business?

This is HUGE.  First of all, in today’s world you need a website in order to stay competitive.  Sadly, it isn’t like the early days of the internet where you could throw anything you want up and leave it.  Websites that you build for your business have to be optimized for search engines and the web at large, which is called digital marketing.

What Do You Mean My Site Has To Be Optimized?

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo need to know that your site is the most relevant option to answer a search request.  A search request is what someone types into the nifty search bars on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  In order for these search engines to give that person a list of sites to find information on, they need to know who has the best answer.  They do this by searching through thousands of websites and going through a series of checklists.  If your website successfully completes the requirements on these checklists, it has a very good shot at being one of the first few results a user sees.  Building your website to cater to these search engine lists is called optimizing your site.

Can I Do It Myself?

Sure.  First, you need to understand as much about digital marketing as you possibly can, learn the hundreds of requirements altered by each new algorithm and how they effect each other and spend countless hours optimizing, tweaking and laying the foundation for future marketing efforts.  Easy, right?

Marketing can be a full-time job.  This is why many companies and small businesses hire an advertising agency or SEO service company to handle everything from building websites to implementing content, email, social media and search engine marketing.  They are professionally trained on all areas of digital marketing and can construct your website to be fully optimized and responsive across all devices.

What Do You Mean My Site Has To Be Responsive?

The days of just surfing the internet on a desktop or laptop computer are over.  People now use cell phones (smartphones) and tablets to look online as well.  This means that you can no longer have one site – a desktop site.  You need to have that initial site but make sure it has 3 different design formats to be able to accommodate all devices.  This is called being responsive.  A website interacts with different screen sizes and formats to give you a seamless viewing experience.  This is something that is crucial when you build your site and something nearly every marketer does automatically.

Will You Do All Of This When Building My FREE Website For Business?

Of course!  We make sure that the site is completely optimized across the board.  SEO for business is a priority when building websites and we make sure you are up-to-date with all algorithm requirements and strategically built to increase your search results ranking and grow your business.  Being up-to-date with the newest algorithm changes keeps you from losing traffic to your site due to interruptions and helps you rise higher on the results page when people search for your keywords.

We also ensure that your site is responsive across all devices and platforms while simultaneously preparing it for future content, social media, email and search engine marketing.  Your site is built to be eye-catching with a sleek, modern approach that is sure to impress even the toughest customer.

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